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Why Hire A Cleaning Service?

No one really enjoys the chore of cleaning their home, but it’s a chore that can’t go unattended for too long. It’s simply a fact of life that dishes must get done, laundry must be washed, dust/dirt must be vacuumed and so on. While we all can agree that all these chores must get done, we also can agree that no one really wants to do them. Yet, people are hesitant to consider a house cleaning service.

This occurs for several reasons; people have misgivings about strangers in their home, they don’t want people handling their personal belongings, and they don’t feel the can justify the expanse of cleaning service. Thus, here at Sunny Spot we like to alleviate these concerns by being as transparent as we can be.

Why Sunny Spot Maids?

As a professional cleaning service, we do our best to reassure our clients they are in good hands. Unlike most individuals, we are licensed by the state as well as insured. This means in the unlikely even something is damaged, it’ll be covered. Furthermore, Sunny Spot brings qualified, trust-worthy and highly trained and dependable house cleaners that have been screened.

Being transparent and doing a good is essential for us to stay in business, so we are extremely thorough when we hire someone into our family. Our team has gone through extensive training to assure that when they go into your home, they will have a specialized knowledge on the fastest and most efficient way to get your home clean.

Get A Professional Shine!

Our motto at Sunny Spot Maids is simple, “Your satisfaction is our priority.” We aren’t here to suggest you don’t know how to clean you home. However, when we come into your home our only purpose is to leave it in tiptop shape.

Aside from knowing all the tricks of the trades that make cleaning efficient and methods that get the deepest clean, we come as a team. This ensures everything gets done in a timely fashion and more people equals more hands scrubbing, more eyes checking to make sure nothing gets missed. We guarantee that you’ll notice the professional touch we offer!

Steal Some Time Back!

This is our favorite benefit of having a cleaning service. We know that most people have a hectic schedule. With work, family obligations and other responsibility, how are you supposed to find time to clean? On top of that, who really wants to spend their free time cleaning?

When you hire Sunny Spot to clean your home you get your time back! Hiring us is also a great surprise for the person that typically cleans. They deserve a day off, even if it is a one time clean.

Call For A Free Quote!

Sunny Spot has something to offer for everybody, even those on a budget. We have great options for anyone who wants or needs professional cleaning service. We work with you to find the perfect frequency of the service and on the price! No matter who you are, if own or rent, we guarantee that we will put a smile on your face.

Whatever your situation or reason for wanting a cleaning service, know that Sunny Spot Maids is here to meet your demands.

Rosemar Machado, owner of Sunny Spot Maids commented that “I know cleaning your home can be overwhelming, that’s why I work around their schedule to meet any tasks they have! We want to make sure people are happy and comfortable when we come into their home!

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