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Winter is here, it's time for a change!

It’s that time of the year where most us are waking up in the dark and by the time we’re getting home it’s dark. We’re starting to spend less time outside, getting fresh air, and doing activities that are oftentimes healthier than the ones we do sitting indoors.

Here, at Sunny Spot Maids, we have found that a lot of homes tend seem a little bit gloomier during this time of the year. We enter many homes and we want to make sure your home is helping boost your mood and wellbeing in the colder months.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Design & rearranging furniture: think how it makes you feel rather than how it looks.

If you have been looking for an excuse to redecorate, this is the time to do it. This doesn’t have to be some big project, a simple redecoration and/or finally moving that couch to the other side of the room can do a lot to home. Sometimes you’ll feel like your home is cluttered, but rearranging furniture can sometimes give you more space or at least it’ll feel like it.

A lot of us will turn to blogs and interior influencers for inspiration but remember that a lot of design is subjective. You like what you like, so surround yourself with things that you like. Choose things that will make you smile, not what is “in style.”

2. Floor & carpet cleaning: Check those grouts!

After a long summer and spring, having guests over, and/or kids running in and out of the house your floors look a bit tarnished. It’s something that is easily overlooked, after one cleaning your home will have a whole new gleam (even when you walk around barefoot, you’ll feel a difference).

Go look at your grouts, move the couch that’s on the carpet, and you’ll see how tainted your floors really are. Just one thorough cleaning will make your home feel cleaner, it’ll make being inside feel better.

3. Deep & constant clean:

Now that you’ve moved to furniture and cleaned your floors, it’s time for a deep cleaning. Get under everything, clean out the fridge, throw away old food in the pantry, and dust the whole house.

After a deep cleaning, it’ll be simple to maintain your home clean. You feel much better about coming home, you won’t feel stuck inside. We recommend hiring someone to maintain it for you, whether it’s a monthly or weekly cleaning it will make a difference!

Doing these few things will make your home more comfortable, we have spent a ton of time in homes and we find that these small changes will bring a smile to your face.

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